Stainless Steel (S/S) and Electropolishing are ideally suited to one another. Stainless steels’ lustrous appearance is retained unblemished under conditions that would quickly tarnish other metals or even untreated S/S. The electropolished surface of S/S is more inert and corrosion resistant than that of S/S merely passivated in nitric acid.

Electropolishing offers functional advantages not attainable by mechanical polishing. For example components of irregular shape or of a delicate state can be readily electropolished. However polishing such parts mechanically could cause damage and/or consume a fair amount of time.

Because electropolished surfaces are relatively free of hydrogen they provide a hygienically clean surface where no bacteria or dirt can accumulate. This makes electropolished surfaces ideal for use in medical, pharmaceutical and food processing applications. Marine, wire and kitchen products as well as fasteners and telecommunication equipment are just some of the work we typically electropolish.

Here a summary of the unique qualities and benefits of Electropolishing

  • Hygienically clean surfaces
  • Removes oxide – passivation of S/S surface
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Stress relief of surface
  • Low resistance welding surface
  • Both polishes and deburrs odd shaped parts
  • Reduces friction
  • No direction lines as with mechanical polishing